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News from the Goodness Me! Farm

News from the Goodness Me! Farm

The farmers at our Goodness Me! certified organic farm are working hard to bring you fresh, local produce all summer long. Have you tasted it yet?! Here's an amazing update on what's coming up next--you'll want to be in line for these items!  

The month of July has been fun and challenging for the Goodness Me! farm. The weather has helped crops grow, but has also been very hot. Fortunately, the quality of the organic soil and its ability to retain water meant that we did not lose crops to the heat wave.   What's coming up next into our stores from the Goodness Me! farm? Read on for an update from our farmer friends, David and Meiring Beyers!

"Apologies for the absence of news, we got a bit distracted to keep up with harvest, among many other things. As you know, the past few weeks of July saw incredibly warm summer days with the zucchini and patty pan summer squash yielding well and growing beautifully, we could hardly keep up. We also had to irrigate a little bit during the hot spell the last week of July, especially on the Fall field young plantings. However, the soil quality and its water retention helped nudge us through the heat. As per per our field weather station, this is a significantly warmer July compared to last year and will hopefully make for good peppers, tomato, summer squash and cucumbers, all very very nearly ready in volume, be on the lookout.   The attached photo show a few things that we have been picking this week and includes Swiss Chard, Zucchini, Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash, Farao Cabbage (round), Caraflex Cabbage (pointed), Green Beans, Yellow Beans, Field Cucumber, Music Garlic, Watermelon Radish, Kale, Red Beets and Orange Summer Squash (see if you can spot them here and in store). For now, a sincere thank you to all for supporting our farm produce and Goodness Me, you are helping us farm locally, organically and sustainably. Enjoy! Meiring & David"
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