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3 Completely Natural, DIY Cleaning Recipes That Take Minutes!

3 Completely Natural, DIY Cleaning Recipes That Take Minutes!

Many conventional cleaning products are filled with ingredients that are bad for the environment, and bad for our health. Make the step towards cleaner cleaning (and cleaner living!) by making your own house cleaners with earth- and people-friendly ingredients.  
30mL (2tbsp) olive oil
15mL (1tbsp) white vinegar
1L (4 cups) warm water
Mix ingredients and store in a pump dispenser. Place bottle near heat before use, as the polish works better warm (i.e., place bottle in a pan of warm water). Apply to furniture and rub dry with a soft cloth.
30mL (2tbsp) castile soap
30mL (2tbsp) vinegar
3.5L (14 cups) warm water
pine essential oil
Combine vinegar and castile soap. Add 500mL (2 cups) warm water and mix well. Add remaining warm water. Add 8 drops pine essential oil per cup of cleaning solution. Clean as normal. **The pine essential oil gives this cleaner anti-microbial properties.
500mL (2 cups) herbal vinegar or white vinegar
500mL (2 cups) baking soda
1L (4 cups) water


Mix the baking soda and vinegar together. Add the water and stir well. Add 60mL (1/4 cup) of solution to the final rinse of your washing machine cycle. Recipes from: Eco-Pioneer Cleaning Guide (from Puresource)

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