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Goodness Me! Gift Guide for the Holidays

Goodness Me! Gift Guide for the Holidays

Christmas is right around the corner! The lights are up on houses, kitchens are filled with the smells of delicious cookies and baked goods, and you're running out of hiding spots for presents for loved ones...  Or, maybe all your hiding spots are still waiting to be used, and your list of gifts to buy is being left unchecked. If you haven't had time to find the perfect gift for that special someone, or if you still need a few presents to finish off your list, don't fret--you still have a lot of time to get things done, and we have a lot of great ideas for you!  

We're excited to present our choices for our top picks for this holiday season! We have 12 gift ideas that are all natural, eco-friendly, and even some that are fair trade. We love the idea of gift giving, but even greater, we love the idea of being able to support these 12 wonderful companies striving to give you products that leave the world even better than they found it. Joy to the world!  

Check out our list of top 12 gift for this holiday season, and see which ones fit into your list.  

1. Libre Tea Glasses: perfect for the tea-lover in your life! Made with a glass interior and durable poly exterior, these awesome tea glasses will keep your beverages hot or cold for hours. 100% BPA free!

2. Theo Chocolate Bars: made in the first and only organic and fair trade bean-to-bar chocolate factory. Made with 70% dark chocolate and available in three festive flavours: Peppermint Stick, Nutcracker Brittle, and Coconut Mint. Check them out online here!

3. Stash Holiday Teas: relaxing, warming, and made in holiday flavours like Holiday Chai, Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning, or White Christmas.

4. Genuine Health Whole Body Nutrition: For the health nut in your life! Made with over 70% fermented ingredients and with a full serving of greens+, Whole Body is 100% vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and made with non-GMO ingredients. Great for energy and digestion! Pick it up online here.

5. Ener-C Vitamin Drink Mix: this is a great stocking stuffer, especially during this season of indulgences! A natural fruit-flavoured vitamin C drink mix with 25 nutrients to refresh and re-energize even the most holiday-ed out person. Check out all the flavours here.

6. Hugo Bath Bombs: made from 100% natural ingredients and free of parabens, sulfates, PEGs, phthalates, artificial colours, and synthetic fragrances--basically, anything your skin DOESN'T want, these guys don't have. Infused wit essential oils to help moisturize and soothe your skin while you're relaxing in a hot bath.

7. Nuworld Botanicals Facial Masks & Oil: for the beauty queen in each of us! 100% organic and rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes to revitalize your skin. 100% pure artisanal aromatherapy!

8. Crate 61 Soaps: Handmade locally in Toronto, vegan, and GMO free, these naturally-scented soaps are the perfect stocking stuffer or gift topper. Made with natural oils and free of harmful ingredients. Check out our variety of scents in any Goodness Me! store!

9. Andalou Naturals Facial Care Kit: 5 skin care essentials in one kit! These kits are tailored to specific skin types and offer a value of over $30 for just $21.99, these kits are the perfect gift for anyone who wants natural, healthy, glowing skin. Check out the Clarifying, Brightening, and Age Defying kits here!

10. Maroma Men's Scents: What do you get the man who has everything? No, not socks--Maroma Men's Scents, natural blends of botanical oils and extracts that have produced profoundly pure soaps and fragrance oils worthy of any man in your life. Check out our stores for the three unique scents!

11. Mountain Gold Salt Lamps: a great, warm gift for the person who's always at their desk, or for anyone who wants to add some ambiance to a room in their home. These lamps clean and purify the air, improve mental alertness, reduce allergens in the air, improve mood, and even improve concentration. Available in all stores in all shapes and sizes!

12. Green Belt Guy Holiday Cards: Beautiful cards that are a great addition to any gift! These cards feature photography done by Mark Williams in the Hamilton area. Beautiful photos for the nature lover in your life!

Check out these and many other gift ideas in any Goodness Me! today. Our eatery also has a range of ready-to-gift delicious goodies, like cookie-in-a-jar or gluten free granola. Ask any staff member for more ideas. Happy holidays!

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