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FREE SHIPPING Over $59 Ontario Wide

Fresh Baked Apple Pie with Spelt Flour

Did the title grab your attention? It should, because the apple pies I'm talking about are definitely worth writing home about. Imagine it... it's a chilly evening, you've finished dinner and are relaxing with a warm mug of tea. Perhaps there are snow flurries swirling outside your window, or maybe you're getting ready to watch a Christmas movie or read a book. Or perhaps you're having friends or family members over, or are getting ready for a party or get together. You know what all these things should have in common? Our fresh baked apple pies.  

Our apple pies are made with organic apples and a spelt flour crust. What does this mean for you? Apples are one of the dirty dozen--the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables. This means pesticides, chemicals and other things that you definitely don't want to be eating. By avoiding the dirty dozen and buying those items organically, you can reduce your pesticide intake by up to 80%. That's right--80%! Luckily, our homemade apple pies are made with organic apples to help you on your way with avoiding the dirty dozen. And with a spelt flour crust, our pies are easier to digest because we avoid using processed or refined wheat. Plus, we use other real ingredients like butter, raw cane sugar, and the best seasonal spices to make these pies the best you've tasted.   

What are other people saying? Our social media pages have been bombarded with rave reviews:  

"Best apple pie! I grab a couple every holiday!"

"The best apple pie I've ever had."

"I've tried it--it's amazing!"  

Don't believe us? Come by any Goodness Me! and pick up a fresh baked apple pie and try it for yourself. They're made by real people every day in our stores, so it's guaranteed fresh and guaranteed real. You won't taste a better apple pie--we guarantee it! Whether enjoying a quiet piece by yourself topped with organic vanilla ice cream, or if you need a dessert in the upcoming holiday season, our Goodness Me! bakery has you covered. Fresh Baked Apple Pies made with organic apples and a spelt flour crust for just $11.99 every day--try it for yourself and taste the difference!

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