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Coconut Milk & Oat Face Mask with Lavender Oil

Coconut Milk & Oat Face Mask with Lavender Oil

Most conventional personal care products, like face masks, as filled with ingredients you probably don't recognize - and don't want to recognize. Try making your own face mask for a completely skin-friendly treatment made with ingredients you can eat!


2 tbsp Coconut Milk (not light)
1 heaping tbsp Quick Cook Oats
3 drops Lavender Essential Oil

All ingredients can be found at Goodness Me!  

Mix well so that oats absorb some of the liquid before applying to your face. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. To remove, add water and gently massage off. Once completely removes, moisturize with a natural lotion. Use every 3-4 weeks. Makes 1 mask. This decadent coconut mask will nourish your skin like nothing else. The coconut milk base will not only soften the surface of your skin but will also protect against damage, giving your skin a youthful glow. Unlike other masks, this nourishing coconut recipe concentrates on healing and rejuvenation.

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