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Yeast Buster Kit


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  • Cleanses intestinal tract and colon
  • Reduce yeast overgrowth
  • Replenish good bacteria
  • Customizable program to fit your needs

Candida albicans yeast is one member of a community of hundreds of microorganisms that exist in the human intestinal tract. Under normal conditions only a small number of Candida organisms live in our intestines. A Candida overpopulation or Candidiasis can contribute to a wide variety of health problems such as bloating, intestinal disturbances, diarrhea, fatigue, chronic yeast infections and vaginal discharge.

Yeast Buster® all-natural candida detox kit provides full-spectrum support for stopping Candida overgrowth. Four Pillars of Yeast Buster®

Psyllium: “The scrub brushâ€: Acts as an internal scrubbing brush. Its bulking action forces the Caproil and Bentonite against the sides of the colon. Psyllium’s absorptive ability also complements Charcoal's toxin-attracting properties.

Caproil: “The detergentâ€: Acts like a detergent on the Psyllium brush, killing yeast on contact.

Activated Charcoal (NEW): “The spongeâ€: Soaks up the dead yeast and toxins like a sponge, and helps Psyllium pull the debris from the body so that waste products are quickly eliminated. Activated Charcoal improves ease of digestion.

DDS Acidophilus: “The friendly bacteriaâ€: Restores the intestinal population of friendly bacteria, strengthens your immune system and reactivates its natural ability to fend off harmful organisms.

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