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Vegan activrecover+ 720g

Genuine Health

activrecover+ Vegan is designed to target the post activity needs of your workout with all of the nutrients required to recover and repair from a workout.

Rebuild - with pea and potato protein isolates, BCAAs and creatine

Re-energize - with carbohydrate sources from orange, glucose and brown rice syrup

Restore - with antioxidant sources from lemon verbana and tart cherry juice

Rebuild Stage

Rebuilds muscles - Pea and potato protein isolate is combined with quick burning carbohydrates in the ideal 2:1 carb:protein ratio

Helps reduce pain which in turn decreases exercise recovery time - Lemon verbena and tart cherry juice are proven to provide the right amount of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support decreasing muscle soreness and improving recovery time

In addition, the vegan activrecover+ formula contains no questionable or unsafe ingredients. It also contains no artificial ingredients, flavours, or sweeteners.
Available in delicious and refreshing orange flavour  – in powder or convenient single serving packets. 

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