John Masters Organics Vanilla & Tangerine Texturizer - Goodness Me!

John Masters Organics - Vanilla & Tangerine Texturizer, 57g

John Masters Organics

Extra-strong hold from all-natural ingredients

This extra-strength hair texturizer is perfect for shaping hair into any desired style, from the "bed-head" look to smooth and silky. Castor oil, glycerin and 7 certified-organic oils add incredible shine and texture. Safe for color-treated hair. 2 oz.

Made with 9 certified-organic ingredients

Key ingredients

• castor oil - smoothes hair cuticle, increases strength and shine
• glycerin - softens and moisturizes the hair shaft
• shea butter - adds incredible moisture
• tangerine oil - provides toning effect on scalp


• adds amazing texturizer and extra body to hair
• leaves hair soft and shiny
• helps define curls


• excellent for spiky looks
• flattens big hair
• to add volume, even hours after application, rub hands through hair

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