Tosca - Vanilla Beans - Goodness Me!

Tosca - Vanilla Beans


TOSCA Vanilla Beans are premium quality vanilla beans with a one and only distinctive taste offering a flavour profile so unique that there is no reason to settle for less. Handled with care, these amazing little flavor-packed pods are hand packed right here in Canada.

Much like the life partner you wish you had, TOSCA Vanilla Beans are complex, unique, versatile, can play either sweet or savory, and are long lasting (on the shelf that is). Plus, unlike your ex, there’s no reason to discard the pod when you are done with the beans, as it has a variety of uses like flavouring coffees, teas, or sweeteners or making your own vanilla extract. TOSCA Vanilla Beans also fare well outside of the kitchen as lovely vanilla sachets, perfumes, or potpourris.

While that elusive soul mate can be hard to find, TOSCA Vanilla Beans will be your kitchen’s greatest love.


2 Beans per vile

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