Zero Xeno - Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 500ml - Goodness Me!

Zero Xeno - Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 500ml

Zero Xeno

Toilet Bowl Natural Cleaner removes tough stains from calcium, lime and rust. This xenoestrogen-free product is hypoallergenic and safe on porcelain. Made from natural, organic and food grade ingredients it's quickly and completely biodegradable. All scents come from pure essential oils and are excellent for the chemically sensitive.

  • Distilled Water (Aqua), Citric Acid ​(Food Grade), Colloidal Silver ​(Food Grade), Sodium Gluconate (Fermented Sugar/Chelating Agent/Food Grade), Phosphoric Acid ​(Food Grade), Xanthan Gum ​(Food Grade), Organic Thyme Essential Oil, Organic Sage Essential Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract (Certified Paraben-Free).

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