Lakewood Tart Cherry Juice - Goodness Me!

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Lakewood - Tart Cherry Juice, 946ml


  • Helps Promote Relaxation and Healthy Sleep Patterns
  • Contains Essential Micro-Nutrients and Anti-Oxidants
  • Helps Maintain Normal Cholesterol Levels and Support Urinary Tract Health
  • Supports the Immune System for Overall Well-Being and Vitality
  • Helps Restore Vital Body Electrolytes and support Metabolism

Lakewood Organic Smart & Healthy Tart Cherry Juice Blend is the Juice From 3 Lbs of Fruit in Every Bottle! - Not from Concentrate Tart Cherry Juice Blend, including certified organic fruit juices such as Organic Red Tart Cherry, Organic Apple, Organic Grape, Organic Lemon and Organic Acerola Cherry from concentrate.NO additional sugars were added - all sugars are naturally occurring within the fruits.  All Lakewood Organic Juices are bottled in Eco-Friendly Glass Bottles, which means that all bottles are non-toxic & BPA Free!

Eight Vegetable Servings in Every Bottle.
USDA Recommends Nine 4oz Servings Fruit/Vegetables per Day
Based on a 2000 Calorie Diet

RECOMMENDED USE: When Reconstituted - Drink 3 to 4 ounces twice daily. Please consult your doctor prior to starting any new dietary program.

To ensure the highest quality and protect the natural fresh pressed characteristics, flavor and color - KEEP JUICES COOL, REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING.  For best quality and freshness, use within two weeks of opening.  Natural juice products will settle.  SHAKE WELL BEFORE SERVING.

  • Organic Juice and Organic Puree pressed from Whole Ripe Organic Tart Cherries.

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