Salus Alpenkraft Herb Cough Candies 75g - Goodness Me!

Salus Alpenkraft Herb Cough Candies 75g


Alpenkraft Herbal Candies contain herbal and aromatic oil extracts for disinfecting the throat and windpipe.
  • Relieves coughs and hoarseness due to colds, minor irritations of a sore throat
  • Relieves minor bronchial irritations from: industrial fumes, smoke, and cigarettes
  • Smokers may find it soothing to the throat


  • Sugar, glucose syrup, malt extract on barley basis (5%), honey (5%), herb mixture (0.7%), natural flavorings (peppermint oil, menthol, eucalyptus oil, fennel oil, thyme oil, dwarf pine oil.)

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