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Restorative Cleanse Kit


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Botanica Restorative Cleanse is a gentle 2-week program. Using four unique herbal compounds, this regime is a healthy way of supporting digestion, nutrient absorption, circulation, cellular regeneration, immune function and the ongoing maintenance of a healthy weight.

Week 1: Gentlelax Compound (15 mL): Butternut root bark, buckthorn aged bark, Culver’s root, fresh Dandelion root, Ginger rhizome, organic alcohol, glycerine Lymphatic Support Compound (30 mL): Burdock dried root, fresh Red root, Figwort fresh herb, Violet fresh herb, Red clover blossom, fresh Echinacea Purpurea Root, organic alcohol, glycerine

Week 2: Clear Skin Compound (30 mL): Sasparilla rhizome, Yellow Dock root, Burdock dried seed, Horsetail spring gathered herb, Red alderbark Liver Support Compound (30 mL): fresh Dandelion root, fresh Watercress herb, fresh Blessed Thistle herb, Milk Thistle seed, fresh Turmeric rhizome, Oregon Grape root, organic alcohol, glycerine

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