Rainforest Organics Red Maca - Goodness Me!

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Rainforest Organics - Red Maca, 150g

Rainforest Organics

Maca is a superfood that provides individuals that do not live in Peru the opportunity to experience the wonderful healing effects that Maca has to offer.

One of the most exciting aspects of Maca is that there are not any known side effects of using this fabulous superfood. Maca is safe and effective for individuals of all ages.

Rainforest Maca is one of the only brands of Maca containing its original enzymes. When maca is gelatinized it is cooked at approximately 185% degrees. This is done in order to separate the flavonoids that are the adaptogens that go into the body to do the work from the remaining 40% which is starch. This is done so that maca which consists of flavonoids, can be easily absorbed by the body.

No other brand but Rainforest has the technological advantage of isolating the enzymes before cooking and reintroducing them at the end of the process. The addition of the enzymes provide for much higher levels of bio availability, and the body more easily utilizes the nutritional benefits of maca.

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