Genuine Health Proteins+Express - Vanilla - Goodness Me!

Proteins+Express - Vanilla

Genuine Health

For a convenient, protein-rich snack containing healthy, all-natural ingredients.
Protein is vitally important for overall health, including weight loss and management, metabolism, fat loss and lean muscle.

Containing all-natural, alpha+â„¢ whey protein isolate, proteins+ express bars provide a delicious snack that's low in sugar and fat - and made from all-natural ingredients, including real Belgium chocolate!
Available in natural chocolate and vanilla flavours.
Benefits of proteins+ express bars include:

  • Contain all-natural ingredients with no artificial fillers or sweeteners
  • Provide 14 grams of protein
  • All-natural digestive enzymes
  • Low in fat with great natural taste
  • As a mid-day snack or pre or post exercise, reach for a proteins+ express bar to get a superior source of all-natural protein and energy – naturally

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