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Prairie Naturals - L-glutamine 500mg, 90 Capsules

Prairie Naturals

  • 500mg of high potency free form amino acid
  • Useful in preventing muscle breakdown and wasting
  • Beneficial for arthritis, autoimmune diseases, fibrosis, intestinal disorders, peptic ulcers and connective tissue disorders

Prairie Naturals L-GLUTAMINE is a high potency, free form amino acid. L-Glutamine is a preferred source of fuel and is in high demand by skeletal muscles following physical exertion. A well researched protein-sparing amino acid, L-GLUTAMINE is an important and beneficial addition to any supplement program.

  • Prairie Naturals L-Glutamine contains only 100% pure pharmaceutical grade, micromized.

  • Take 10 Prairie Naturals L-Glutamine 500mg capsules daily.

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