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Wilderness Family Naturals - Palm Oil, 487g

Wilderness Family Naturals

Natural Red Palm Oil, sold by Wilderness Family Naturals, is produced from the fruit of the oil palm, Elaeis guineensis. This palm tree can be found in the wet, rainy areas of Africa, as well as the tropical rain forests of Asia. WFN's Natural Red Palm Oil comes from Malaysia which used to be considered the "Palm Oil Capital of the World". Today, Indonesia has surpassed Malaysia in palm oil production, however, Indonesia has allowed the destruction of rainforest in their pursuit of palm oil production and they only produce refined palm oil products. It is important to us that the oil palms used for the production of our Red Palm Oil come from an ecology-based company whose plantations have been in existence for many, many years, where they are not slashing and burning the Jungle to create more plantations. At the company we purchase from, the rainforest around them remains intact and no new rainforest is being destroyed. This company has won a number of awards for their environmental consciousness and they have been at the forefront of changing the practices of palm oil producers around the world. All the Red Palm Oil sold at Wilderness Family Naturals is RSPO certified. The company we purchase from is a founding member of this organization.

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