Made in Nature - Organic Raisins, 6 pack - Goodness Me!

Made in Nature - Organic Raisins, 6 pack

Made In Nature

Made In Nature’s Organic Sun-Dried Raisins begin their journey as the sweetest, plumpest grapes bursting with juice. These scrumptious raisins are packed with antioxidants, the perfect healthy snack for kids during lunch time or to use individually as recipes call for.  

Made In Nature raisins are handpicked in the San Joaquin Valley where the sun shines tirelessly to produce the world’s most luscious grapes. We dry them at their peak of ripeness, right at the base of their vines until they caramelize and glisten into moist, dark raisins. Just the way nature intended.

  • Organic seedless raisins, organic sunflower oil.

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