Made In Nature Organic Calimyrna Figs - Goodness Me!

Made in Nature - Organic Calimyrna Figs, 227g

Made In Nature

There is nothing as delectable as the taste of Made In Nature Organic Golden Calimyrna Figs. Our soft tan Calimyrna Figs have delicate skins and moist flesh, each one with just the right balance of sweet and nutty flavors. And figs are naturally high in fiber, perfect for a healthy snack!

Our Organic Made in Nature Calimyrna Figs grow in the hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters of the Mediterranean. They are harvested at their peak of ripeness and sun-dried to a glorious sweetness. Just the way nature intended.

Why do my figs vary in color?

It is not easy to become a Made in Nature Calimyrna Fig. Only the best, highest quality, organic figs make the grade, which is why we guarantee they will be the finest you have ever tasted.

You can expect your figs to vary in color from a light tan to a rich brown, which is completely normal. Additionally, you may occasionally find white sugar crystals that appear on the skin. These are naturally occurring sugars that sometimes come to the surface of exceptionally sweet figs and only enhance their delicious flavor.

For a special treat, we recommend placing your 'sugared' figs into a warm oven at a low temperature for just a few minutes to turn their coating into a beautiful glaze. However, if you prefer, warm water can easily eliminate the outer sugar.

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