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One Coffee Columbian Cups 12x11g

One Coffee

Tangy & medium-bodied. This blend symbolizes a proud South American tradition that bursts with juicy acidity and true Colombian character.

OneCoffee is organic, sustainable, single serve coffee. OneCoffee contains 100% Arabica, strictly hard-bean, certified organic and fair-trade coffee. OneCoffee delivers one-touch, no-mess, consistent coffee time after time. And with individually wrapped cups, you can open the box and toss them in a bowl at the office, or use them only for parties at home. 

  • Organic & Fair-Trade Certified
  • Compatible Keurig® machines
  • 99% biodegradable
  • Individually sealed for added freshness

OneCoffee uses a soft-bottom format and has 40% less material compared to the leading brand. The overwrap seals in the freshness of the coffee, keeps it sanitary and provides a convenient 1-year shelf life. OneCoffee is 99% biodegradable by weight. 99% of a OneCoffee cup will biodegrade in an industrial composter. The hard plastic, paperboard and coffee used are 100% certified compostable. The overwrap is not currently biodegradable, but OneCoffee is working towards a solution for this in the future. Because the lid and parts of the mesh are not compostable, OneCoffee recommends disposing of your spent cups in your normal waste receptacle. The hard plastic will biodegrade in municipal waste streams that use industrial composters. The hard plastic used is 100% certified compostable.


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