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Genuine Health - Omega3+ think, 200ml

Genuine Health

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Fish isn’t called “brain food” for no reason! Nervous system support; memory, concentration and focus; cognitive function:  Omega-3 fatty acids aren’t just helpful for our body’s structure and function, they are daily essentials, for our and we rely on dietary sources to get enough.  Adequate amounts aren’t always available through diet alone, which is why supplementing with an Omega-3 is the best insurance for our overall health.

Omega-3 fatty acids are integral to our health and well being – and are an important component of every cell in our body. Research has proven that Omega-3 from wild fish oils, like those in omega3+ think provide the best source of EPA and DHA – and DHA is the key to a healthy brain and nervous system. That’s why we formulated omega3+ think to contain a research-proven dosage of DHA concentrate derived from wild, purity tested, sustainable fish oils for healthier brain development and function. Health experts agree: DHA is essential, particularly for children, seniors and expecting mothers.

Genuine Health helped to pioneer the fish oil industry in Canada, bringing the omega3 line to market as some of the first fish oils to be formulated with specific concentrations of EPA and DHA. We recognized early on that fish oils and their key fatty acids were not one size fits all ingredients, so we worked to ensure consumers from all walks of life with particular health concerns had a product right for them.  Our Omega-3 Superior Quality 5 Point Program certifies our commitment to you: superior Omega-3 fish oils that meet and exceed quality, freshness and purity standards, while offering the highest EPA and DHA potency on the market today.

  • One (1) softgel of omega3+ think supplies: Fish oil (anchovy, sardine and mackeral body oil) 625mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 250mg EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 100mg Non-medicinal ingredients: Gelatin, glycerin, natural vitamin E, aqueous coating solution (ethylcellulose, medium chain triglycerides, oleic acid, sodium alginate, stearic acid, purified water).

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