Olive Baby Bottom Spray 120ml - Goodness Me!

Olive Baby Bottom Spray 120ml

Olive Baby

Cleanse, Soothes & Moisturizes!
Olive Baby Bottom Cleaner gently cleanses baby’s bottom with every diaper change. With the healing benefits of aloe and chamomile our Bottom Cleaner soothes baby’s bottom and is safe to use on sensitive and irritated skin. When used with reusable cloths reduces waste (an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable wipes). Throw it in your diaper bag or purse as a quick hand cleanser or for diaper-changes while travelling!

Recommended Uses:
-Use with reusable cloths to wipe babies bottom with each diaper change (reduces waste and the cost of disposable wipes)
-apply to irritated skin to gently cleanse
-pre-moisten baby face cloths and store in a Ziploc for a handy skin cleaner for travelling with kids (use on hands, mouth or bottoms!)
-throw in your purse of diaper bag and use as needed on the road.


  • Witch hazel, Aloe leaf juice, chamomile, olive oil.

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