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Olbas - Olbas Oil .7ml


Olbas Oil is a mixture of essential pure plant oils for relief of bronchial and nasal congestion and hayfever by inhalation, and for symptomatic relief of muscular pain by application to the skin. Non greasy.

  • Soothes tired muscles.

  • Invigorates your senses.

  • Swiss quality.

  • For external use.

  • Stimulate and enhance you breathing passages.


  • Mixture of essential oils containing: Eucalyptus oil 35.45% w/w, Menthol 4.1% w/w, Cajuput oil 18.5% w/w, Clove oil 0.1%, Juniper berry oil 2.7% w/w, Wintergreen oil 3.7%, Demetholised mint oil 35.45% w/w.

  • Children aged 3 months to 2 years: Add 1 drop to a tissue and hold close to nose allowing child to breathe in vapours. Adults and children aged 2 and over: Add 2 or 3 drops to a tissue and inhale the vapours. Can be used at night or added to hot water. Not recommended for babies under 3 months old.

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