Nu-Life Ultimate One - Active Men 120 caps - Goodness Me!

Nu-Life Ultimate One - Active Men 120 caps


The Ultimate One™ Original Active Men is a multiple vitamin/mineral formula that provides nutrients that may have been lost to physical stress and a high active lifestyle. It features highly absorbable vitamin and mineral forms, a high-potency B-complex to help combat stress and increase energy, a potent antioxidant blend to protect against the damages of exercise and aid recovery. Increased dosages of iron and chromium help improve physical performance. Standardized herbals help sexual gland function, energy, stamina and recovery. Achieve more with the Ultimate One™ Original Active Men.

  • Improves sport recovery & Improves physical performance
  • Helps improve sexual gland function, energy & stamina
  • Combats against stress & increases energy

Adults, take one caplet daily with a meal.


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