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Zero Xeno - Multi-Purpose Natural Cleaner, 500ml

Zero Xeno

Zero Xeno Multi-Purpose Natural Cleaner works excellent in bathrooms and as a kitchen degreas-er. This xenoestrogen-free product is chrome and glass friendly and leaves your surfaces streak free. Our pH neutral formula requires no rinsing and is made from natural, organic and food grade ingredients. It's safe on plants, pet safe, and quickly and completely biodegradable. All scents come from pure essential oils and are excellent for the chemically sensitive.

  • Distilled Water ​(Aqua), Grain Distilled Alcohol (Food Grade/Ethyl Alcohol), Colloidal Silver (Food Grade Suspended Silver), Organic Olive & Organic Coconut Saponified Soap ​(Food Grade Oils), Organic Orange Essential Oil, Organic Lemon Essential Oil.

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