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St. Francis - Mineral Matrix, 360g

St. Francis

Mineral Matrix® - Nature's Unique Whole Food Revitalizer

The ideal dietary supplement, St. Francis' Mineral Matrix® pure dehydrated goat whey is an all-natural, highly concentrated whole-food source of more than 25 naturally occurring macro and trace minerals in a bio-organic form that our bodies have the ability to recognize and utilize with ease.

Health Benefits

  • Effectively alleviates osteoporosis
  • Relieves the pain associated with joint disorders, including rheumatism and arthritis
  • Treats stomach acidity, as well as sensitive digestion
  • Alleviates constipation
  • An excellent source of the minerals and trace elements that are vital to a child’s nutrition
  • A good supplement (in diluted form) to the diet of infants, one that is especially helpful in treating colic
  • Successful in supplying much needed minerals and trace elements that are depleted through pregnancy or breast feeding in expectant or new mothers
  • Strengthens a deficient immune system
  • Aid our bodies in overcoming lethargy and fatigue

Quick Facts

  • Mineral combinations found in whole foods, like Mineral Matrix®, are easily assimilated by the body
  • The potassium and calcium content of Mineral Matrix® allows for a natural alkaline effect
  • The formula is rich in important trace elements
  • Processed in low temperatures

Additional Information

The pure goat whey that is dehydrated in order to produce Mineral Matrix® provides high concentrations of a variety of minerals and is a pure food, free of chemical additives. The minerals in Mineral Matrix® occur in a highly complex form called a food matrix, which our bodies easily recognize and absorb. Mineral Matrix® goats are happy goats, since they are pasture-fed and free of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and other additives.

  • Pure Dehydrated Goat Milk Whey.

  • Add 26 g (2 tbsp) one time daily to 250 mL (8 oz) of hot water, juice, yogurt, coffee, tea, or smoothie and mix vigorously. Can also be added as a seasoning to salads, vegetables, casseroles, gravies, and soups. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications.

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