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Mettrum Originals - Hemp Burst - Chocolate - 454 g

Mettrum Originals

Mettrum Originals™ Hemp Burst™ Protein & Fibre Powder offers a balanced approach to fueling your body.

This pure, single source vegetable protein and fibre has an abundance of amino acids essential to optimum health and performance. Boasting 65% edistin (the highest ranked protein in the plant kingdom) and 35% albumin, this powder also contains 10% Omega 3, 6 and GLA beneficial fats. we mill this product at very low temperatures to ensure raw freshness and an ultra-fine powder.

Simply add a 30g scoop of Mettrum Originals™ Hemp Burst™ plant-based protein powder to your favourite smoothie recipe, or keep it simple and blend it with water or milk.  Each package comes with a 30g scoop for your convenience.

  • Hemp powder, cocoa powder, natural chocolate flavour, guar gum, citric acid, dehydrated organically grown whole food concentrate blend (orange, cranberry, apple, cherry, blueberry, strawberry, shiitake mushroom), stevia, sea salt.

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