Maine Coast Sea Vegetables - Dulse Granules, 1.5oz - Goodness Me!

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables - Dulse Granules, 1.5oz

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

  • Low Sodium Salt Alternative
  • Certified Organic

In his book, "Iodine, Why You Need it", Dr. David Brownstein, MD sites a government survey showing a 50% reduction in adult iodine levels since 1974. After discussing six possible reasons, he concludes, :Depending on the iodine status of our body, my experience has shown the RDA for iodine (150mcg/day) is inadequate".


His colleague Dr. David Miller agrees, "The recommended intake of 100-150 mcg is perhaps 100 times too low:. Dr. Guy Abraham, MD, reporting on his clinical findings, says, "Most patients on a daily intake ranging from 1250 to 5000 mcg of elemental iodine reported higher energy levels and mental clarity." He also notes that a healthy thyroid "has a protective mechanism, limiting the uptake of peripheral (unneeded)iodine:.

If your concerned about too much iodine please consult your healthcare practitioner.

  • Organic raw dulse.

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