UHTCO MacaPro XP Gold - Goodness Me!

UHTCO - MacaPro XP Gold, 130ml


The Most Powerful Concentrated Cold Pressed Maca Liquid Extract made with 100% Certified Organic Black & Red-Purple Maca Roots The Amazon's Most Important Superfood

Maca is a root that grows in Peru at altitudes of 14,000 feet. Maca was domesticated about 2000 years ago by the Incas and has since been used as part of a daily diet. A true superfood, Maca root contains Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Iron, other essential vitamins and minerals and 19 Amino Acids. It has been traditionally used as an adaptogen and as a nutritious food to provide optimal well being.

Adaptogens have the ability to increase non-specific resistance of the body to a variety of stressors and can be taken over long periods of time without side effects. It is considered to be one of the Amazon's most important superfoods due to its extraordinary nutritional profile and unique array of phytochemicals.

Maca Pro XP® concentrated Black & Red-Purple Maca Liquid Extracts are the most unique Maca products available due to the variety of Maca roots utilized, the unique processing method and the 10:1, 18:1, 20:1 and 25:1 potencies. Many are familiar with the benefits of Maca for stamina, energy and endurance. Unlike Yellow Maca, Black & Red-Purple Maca Roots are unique in that potent phytochemicals are found in the pigments. Maca PRO XP® offers anti-aging benefits as well as all of the adaptogenic benefits that Maca is known for, but in the most potent, concentrated form available using the most elite varieties of Maca. If you are already a Maca lover, you will feel the incredible difference of the Maca PRO XP® liquid extracts and take things to the next level!

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