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Lundberg Family Farms - Organic Sprouted Red Rice, 454g

Lundberg Family Farms


Enrich your life with germinated, whole grain red rice. With a convenient 30-minute cook time and an irresistible nuttiness of the honey-red grains, you’ll love all the benefits that our Organic Sprouted Red Rice has to offer!


  1. In a medium saucepan, bring 2 cups water and 1 cup rice to boil
  2. Cover with a tight-fitting lid, reduce heat to low simmer. Cook 30 minutes for aldente and 35 minutes for more tender rice
  3. Remove from heat (with lid on!) and let steam for 10 minutes. Fluff with fork.

*To prepare in a rice cooker, use same water-rice ratio. If rice is crunchy at the end of cooking time, it may be necessary to add 1-2 Tbsp. liquid and cook longer.

  • Organic Sprouted Whole Grain Red Rice.

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