Oja Large Joint Castor Oil Pack - Goodness Me!

OJA - Large Joint Castor Oil Pack


Better Bowel Movements
Did you know you should have at least one bowel movement per day. Your stools should have an ‘S’ shape and be about the size of a 12” sausage. (or three bowel movements per day each the size of a 4” sausage). If you’re not having regular bowel movements,
this may mean that you are constipated. Being constipated can make you feel sluggish. This sluggishness is caused by waste that
is stuck in your body longer than it should and the toxins in that waste, such as excess cholesterol, hormones and by-products of
bacteria, have time to reabsorb back into your body. When this occurs, it can cause stress on your liver whose main job is to purify
the blood absorbed from the intestines and can cause elevated and/or unbalanced hormones, cholesterol and toxin levels in your body. Constipation also increases bloating, cramping and uncomfortable gas. Castor oil packs are a time honored treatment for both adults and babies to enhance bowel movements, decrease constipation and colic.
Liver Love
One of the functions of your liver is to process and eliminate toxins from your body, including unbalanced levels of hormones like estrogens. Given the important role that your liver plays within your body, you should love your liver and take care of it. Your liver will be working overtime if your body is exposed to toxins, if you’re not having regular bowel movements and you have hormonal
issues or excess stress in your life. When your liver has to compensate by overworking, it may become inflamed as a result. Castor oil packs placed on the liver can decrease inflammation and help your liver process toxins out of your body more efficiently. Castor
oil packs have also shown to improve cholesterol levels and reduce elevated liver enzymes in the body.
Happy Hormones
Excess hormones are processed first by the liver and then excreted by the bowels. When your bowels move properly and your liver becomes more efficient your body is more likely to have balanced hormone levels. Castor oil packs help you have happy hormones
instead of hormone havoc. In addition, castor oil packs are used topically to treat uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and fibrocystic breast conditions known to be related to hormone havoc.
Reduced Stress and Better Sleep
Castor oil packs are relaxing, helping your body switch from the sympathetic stress state known as fight or flight, to the parasympathetic relaxed state known as rest and digest. In the sympathetic stressed state your body produces a lot of cortisol which is damaging to your body because it inhibits your immune system and can lead to liver damage. Applying castor oil packs nightly
can help your body relax, decrease cortisol levels and hence help you get a better sleep.
Improved Immunity
Our bodies produce high levels of cortisol when we are stressed, so excess stress equals excess cortisol which can decrease the efficiency of your immune system A healthy and strong immune system can identify foreign and toxic agents in your body and in turn attack them and help your liver eliminate them. On the other hand, a weak immune system cannot properly identify or defend
your body. Castor oil packs are shown to enhance the immune system activity with frequent long-term use.
Decreased Inflammation, Pain and Swelling
Castor oil used topically over joints or other body parts effectively decreases inflammation, swelling and pain. It is also used to
reduce adhesions or scarring caused by repetitive sports injuries or surgical interventions.

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