Inno-Vite - K2 With Vitamin D3 Liquid, 30mL - Goodness Me!

Inno-Vite - K2 With Vitamin D3 Liquid, 30mL


Innovite only uses Vitamin K2 from MK-7, the only Canadian Vitamin K2 free from the synthetic anti-foaming chemical, dimethyl polysiloxane. Higher levels of Vitamin K are strongly associated with better bone mass, heavier bone density, improved bone geometry and overall mineral content because it activates a special protein called osteocalcin that works synergistically with calcium to build healthy bone tissue.  Innovite's Vitamin K2 comes in a liquid format for faster absorption and for people to have difficulty swallowing capsules.  Extra Strength Vitamin K2 from innovite will help keep strong bones developed in childhood maintained in adulthood and reduce the risk of osteoporotic fractures. 
  • Vitamin K2 (MK-7 from Bacillus subtilis natto) 30 mcg. Non Medicinal Ingredients: Grape seed oil, sunflower oil.

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