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Healthee - Organic Brown Rice Coconut, 216g


Healthee Organic Ready To Eat Brown Rice Coconut is cooked with mineral-rich milk, and engages your senses with an enticing aroma, and the deliciousness of home-cooked rice.

  • Fully Cooked, Ready to eat!
  • Gluten-Free, Vegan
  • 100% Whole Grain, High in Fiber
  • Og Trans Fat, 0g Cholesterol

Healthee Organic Brown Rice are delicately formulated with current research and development techniques to deliver the functional benefits that brown rice has to offer. For thousands of years, Brown Rice has served as a staple food in cultures throughout the world. The timelessness lies within its health value. It is rich in minerals that support the immune system, as well as promote healthy cholesterol levels, digestion, weight, cardiovascular functions, and supports bone health. Rice-based diets are known especially for being high in protien. All of the ingredients are Certified Organic and the final process is at an Organic-Certified facility in California. Healthee Organic Brown Rice are delicious, healthy alternatives for a vegan or GMO-free diet.

  • Filtered water, organic brown rice, organic coconut milk, organic olive oil, organic coconut flavors, sea salt.

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