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Genuine Health - greens+ kids ,128g

Genuine Health

Who says getting kids to eat healthy can’t be fun, fast and easy!  greens+ kids tastes delicious, has a natural purple colour and is versatile too!

greens+ has remained Canada’s favourite green food for 20 years- loved for its unique, synergistic blend of over 23 full spectrum, plant-based ingredients, providing essential nutrients and energizing botanicals. But we recognize that the formula isn’t ‘one size fits all’; which is why, In 2002 we captured the essence of the greens+’s award winning formula and made one suitable, delicious and nutritious for kids too!

This all-natural formula contains over 25 organic fruits and veggies from the whole rainbow; providing valuable nutrients and superior antioxidants, with no added sugar, artificial ingredients or sweeteners.  Simply add greens+ kids to water, juice, yogurt or smoothie recipes. Kids love its mixed berry flavour and its purple colour too! As Sam often says ‘The main ingredient in greens+ is love’ – so we created a formula to allow kids to love their greens+ too!

greens+ kids

•Contains a rainbow of 25 colourful, organic fruits and plant vegetables
•Provides a rich source of antioxidants, including high levels of polyphenols and anthocyanidins
•Enhanced with proven brain-boosting phosphatidyl choline
•Includes bacterial cultures for immune and gastrointestinal health
•Has an ORAC score (antioxidant ability) equivalent to 3 servings of fruit and vegetables
•Low in calories, diabetic-friendly, contains no added sugar or anything artificial
•Easily mixes into yogurt, smoothies and popsicles, with no blender required
•Turns purple and kids love its natural berry taste!

To ensure your kids get the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong, just one serving of greens+ kids daily is all that it takes – naturally.

  • Lecithin (97% oil-free; soybean; 26% phosphatidylcholine) / Lécithine (exempte d’huile à 97 %; soya; 26 % de phosphatidylcholine) 1,090 mg rainbow+TM organic fruit and vegetables extract blend standardized to 3% polyphenols from: / rainbow+MC mélange d’extraits de fruits et de légumes biologiques, normalisés à 3 % de polyphénols et composé de : Musa acuminata: Banana fruit / Banane Lycopersicon esculentum: Tomato fruit / Tomate Fragaria chiloensis: Strawberry fruit / Fraise Mangifera indica: Mango fruit / Mangue Ananas comosus: Pineapple fruit / Ananas Vaccinium macrocarpon: Cranberry fruit / Canneberge Prunus cerasus: Cherry fruit / Cerise Beta vulgaris: Beet root / Racine de betterave Vitis vinifera: Grape concentrate / Concentré de raisin Vaccinium angustifolia: Blueberry fruit / Bleuet Rubus ideaus: Red raspberry fruit / Framboise rouge Capsicum annuum: Red pepper fruit / Piment rouge long Prunus domestica: Plum fruit / Prune Malus domestica: Apple fruit / Pomme Punica granatum: Pomegranate fruit / Grenade Daucus carota: Carrot root / Racine de carotte Zingiber officinale: Ginger root / Racine de gingembre Brassica oleracea italica: Broccoli flower / Fleuron de brocoli Spinacia oleracea: Spinach leaf / Feuille d’épinard Brassica oleracea viridis: Kale leaf / Feuille de chou vert Citrus limon: Lemon fruit / Citron Brassica oleracea: Green cabbage leaf / Feuille de chou Ribes nigrum: Black currant fruit / Cassis Malpighia glabra: Acerola berry fruit / Baie d’acérola Petroselinum crispum: Parsley leaf / Feuille de persil 500 mg Malus pumila: Apple fruit / Pomme 345 mg FOS (fructooligossacharides) (from chicory root; [Cichorium intybus] / issus de racine de chicorée) 300 mg Glycine max: Organic soy sprouts / Pousses de soya biologique 191 mg Oryza sativa: Organic whole brown rice kernel / Grain de riz brun complet biologique 191 mg Hordeum vulgare: Organic barley grass / Herbe d’orge biologique 182 mg Malpighia glabra: Acerola berry extract standardized to 18% Vitamin C / Extrait de baies d’acérola normalisé à 18 % de vitamine C 114 mg Eight bacterial cultures / Huit cultures bactériennes : Lactobacillus helveticus (R0052) – 0.19 billion cfu / 0,19 milliard d’UFC Lactobacillus rhamnosus (R0011) – 0.43 billion cfu / 0,43 milliard d’UFC Lactobacillus casei (R0215) – 0.09 billion cfu / 0,09 milliard d’UFC Lactobacillus plantarum (R1012) – 0.09 billion cfu / 0,09 milliard d’UFC Lactobacillus salivarius (R0078) – 0.04 billion cfu / 0,04 milliard d’UFC Bifidobacterium longum (R0175) – 0.04 billion cfu / 0,04 milliard d’UFC Bifidobacterium bifidum (R0071) – 0.04 billion cfu / 0,04 milliard d’UFC Bifidobacterium breve (R0070) – 0.24 billion cfu / 0,24 milliard d’UFC 100 mg Sambucus nigra: Elderberry fruit extract standardized to 6.5% anthocyanins / Extrait de baies de sureau normalisé à 6,5 % d’anthocyanines 100 mg Vaccinium angustifolia: Blueberry fruit extract standardized to 20% anthocyanins / Extrait de bleuets normalisé à 20 % d'anthocyanines 100 mg Medicago sativa: Organic alfalfa grass / Herbe de luzerne biologique 95 mg Triticum aestivum: Organic wheat grass / Herbe de blé biologique 95 mg Daucus carota: Purple carrot root / Racine de carotte violette 90 mg Vitis vinifera: Grape juice / Jus de raisin 90 mg Beta vulgaris: Organic red beet root / Racine de betterave rouge biologique 43 mg Palmaria palmata: Dulse leaf / Feuille de main-de-mer palmée 16 mg Vaccinium myrtillus L: Bilberry fruit extract standardized to 25% anthocyanins (100:1 = 1,000 mg) / Extrait de myrtille normalisé à 25 % d’anthocyanidines (100:1 = 1 000 mg) 10 mg Camellia sinensis L: Green tea leaf extract (decaffeinated) standardized to 60% polyphenols / Extrait de feuille de thé vert décaféiné normalisé à 60 % de polyphénols 7 mg Vitis vinifera: Grape fruit extract standardized to 95% proanthocyanidins (500:1 = 3,000 mg) / Extrait de raisin normalisé à 95 % de proanthocyanidines (500:1 = 3 000 mg) 6 mg Non-medicinal ingredients: Natural flavour blend with stevia, citric acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid, potato starch, skim milk, saccharose, yeast extract, maltodextrin. Ingrédients non médicinaux : Mélange d’aromatisants naturels avec stevia, acide citrique, acide malique, acide ascorbique, amidon de pomme de terre, lait écrémé, saccharose, extrait de levure, maltodextrine.

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