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Genuine Health - Greens+ ,360 Capsules

Genuine Health

It all began in the early 1970’s.....

  ...when Sam Graci, author and nutritional researcher, was working with at-risk teenagers.  He introduced them to the importance and benefits of healthy foods and physical activity, and when the teens adopted these healthier habits, the results were incredible - they experienced improved overall health, temperament, vitality and mental focus.  Sam attributed these amazing results to his theory that the healthiest diet was one rich in phyto (plant) nutrients derived from a variety of colourful foods. Further motivated by his innate desire to help people live healthier lives, Sam began formulating greens+ in 1989, and spent 3 years perfecting the formula to create a holistic green food supplement that enhances and maintains great health.  This discovery, now supported by scientific evidence, is at the heart of greens+ - a formula created from a genuine passion for wellness that detoxifies, energizes, supports and protects the body.

....And now in 2013...

...marks twenty years that greens+ has remained Canada’s favourite Green Food Supplement- winning many awards along the way for its unique, synergistic blend of over 23 full spectrum, plant-based ingredients, providing essential nutrients and energizing botanicals. Before greens+ there was no other superfood supplement available, and since then many competitors have emerged and fallen away. The simple is reason behind this success is Sam’s commitment to creating an effective Green Food Supplement that helps people live happier, healthier lives.  As Sam often says, ‘the main ingredient in greens+ is love’.

The consumer response over the years has been overwhelming, and with testimonials pouring in from all walks of life about how greens+ has improved people’s energy and health, we were inspired to discover all the ways that greens+ works. Since 1999, Genuine Health has invested in 8 research studies to prove the efficacy of greens+ and its far reaching health benefits, including: 

• Increased energy and improved overall well-being - guaranteed* 
• High Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) - a measure of antioxidant ability for anti-aging support 
• Bone support through the production of osteoblasts** 
• Antioxidant equivalent of 6 servings of organic fruits and vegetables 
• Low Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL) - a measure of alkalinity (a more alkaline body = a healthier body)

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