JK Gourmet - GG Bites - Chocolate, 150g - Goodness Me!

JK Gourmet - GG Bites - Chocolate, 150g

JK Gourmet

My husband Steven is always pressing me to come up with new products. But sometimes, I'm just fresh out of ideas! I guess he got tired of asking me because he recently turned to our head baker, Lougie, and asked her to come up with something different. What came out of Lougie's imagination and prowess in the kitchen is something that was a unanimous hit, according to the unscientific sampling we conducted at two recent shows: the CHFA Expo East and the Gluten-Free Garage pop-up marketplace, not to mention a number of informal focus groups.

The result of Lougie's efforts is what we now officially refer to as "GG Bites" - G.G. being the nickname our kids gave Lougie when they were growing up and she was, at the time, our nanny!

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