Ganesha's Garden Om - Solid Perfume 13g - Goodness Me!

Ganesha's Garden Om - Solid Perfume 13g

Ganesha's Garden

Luxurious solid perfume in exotic, carved soapstone boxes. Our favourite fragrances are blended into a rich, silky smooth base of organic beeswax and organic coconut oils. Our original exotic blends are reminiscent of the popular fragrances we use in our incense, carefully blended into our solid perfume base that lasts for hours on the skin. The unique soapstone containers are hand carved by our fair trade partner in India.

OM: fresh flowers, a bouquet mildly green and earthy. Notes of Gardenia the fragrant queen of tropical flowers, sandalwood, and bergamont, with a touch of citrus.


  • Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Perfume, Organic Beeswax,Vitamin E.

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