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Ganesha Foods - Organic Ginger Powder, 50g

Ganesha Foods

Ganesha Foods Organic Ginger powder is widely used as a seasoning agent. Our Ginger Powder is warm yet refreshing, versatile yet distinctive, often enlivens the ethnic cuisines around the world. It is convenient form for baked goods, sauces, curries and teas. Our fresh and potent spice elevates your cooking to a whole new level. It is widely used as a base spice in almost every dish and it brings perfect flavor to your food. Incorporate this aromatic spice into your cooking to make it more flavorful. 

This Organic Ginger Powder is the hallmark of almost every cuisine around the world. The lovely golden brown color, exceptional taste of our spice speaks highly of our versatile and flavorful cooking. Generic Ginger powder is ground, dehydrated ginger whereas cold grinding process involved in our spices retains the moisture and aroma into the spice and is sodium free.

Benefits Of Using Organic Ginger Powder:

  • Absolutely No Added Preservatives
  • Use Less Than 35% Of Generic Ginger Powder
  • Perfect For The Novice Cook To Bring Flare Into Their Style 
  • Maintains The Natural Essence And Taste
  • Strong Flavors And Natural Colors 
  • No Chemicals
  • No Pesticides
  • 100% All Natural

Common Uses:
  • Gravy, curries, stews
  • Used in tea and baked dishes
  • Marinades for tandoori(grilled) appetizers
  • Essentially as a seasoning agent

Health Benefits:
  • Helps get rid of urinary infections and clears flatulence
  • Contains thermogenic agents that are useful in burning body fat and treat obesity
  • Treats symptoms of common cold
  • Used in therapy to cure headaches
  • Cure for stomach irritation and chest pain 
  • Helps alleviate motion sickness
  • Its anti bacterial properties helps unclog pores and kill acne causing bacteria

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