Eska Carbonated Spring Water - Lemon - Goodness Me!

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Eska Carbonated Spring Water - Lemon


The beds of clay in the St Mathieu esker hold water in while preventing impuritites from coming through. The result? Water so exceptionally pure it requires no chemical processing or ozonation. Nature purifies this water, and ESKA humbly bottle it.

ESKA is naturally low in mineral content, and has an ideal pH of 7.8, a measure that indicates no acidity while having a healthy level of acid- and toxin-neutralizing alkaline. And because ESKA is so pure it doesn’t need to be ozonated, you won’t find any list of added ingredients on our bottles of natural spring water.

Our natural spring water, lightly carbonated with a lemon twist, pairs perfectly with conversation.


  • Water, light carbonation, natural lemon

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