Elóre Naturals - Coconut Shell Active Charcoal - 100g - Goodness Me!

Elóre Naturals - Coconut Shell Active Charcoal - 100g


Elore Naturals Pure Organic Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal Powder is made from pure coconut shells to deliver a superior charcoal product. WHY COCONUT? Coconut has a tighter molecular pore structure than other charcoal such as hardwood or peat. Because it is denser, it is a significantly more effective at trapping and removing impurities, and offers the best absorption of excess oil and most effective cleansing  of clogged pores. By choosing coconut over hardwood, you're also making the earth-friendly choice to help preserve our forests. The food grade activated charcoal we sell has been tested and meets all USP monograph standards. Include activated charcoal face mask in your weekly skin care routine to maximize your skin's beauty, leaving it feeling vibrant and renewed. *Instructions on how to make a charcoal mask and tooth whitener are included in the box*
  • Activated Carbon (Coconut Shell)

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