SUMMER LIFEWATCHERS AT UPPER GAGE - Week 1 - Upper Gage - Jul-12-2018 - Goodness Me!

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SUMMER LIFEWATCHERS AT UPPER GAGE - Week 1 - Upper Gage - Jul-12-2018 6:30PM [8081]

Goodness Me! Education

Welcome to our new Lifewatchers course. It contains all the empowerment, knowledge, and motivation that Lifewatchers has always offered, but now in a schedule-friendly 8 weeks and a budget-friendly $199. Food is not neutral: it has the power to heal or to harm; to send messages of lethargy or energy; weight gain or weight loss; moodiness and cravings, or mental clarity. Whether you are a nutrition pro, or completely new to the seemingly-complex world of healthy eating, our Lifewatchers program shows you how to experience the freedom, pleasure, delight, and energy of the right foods, put together in the right way. Learn from holistic health professionals, and rest assured with quality information to get your health on the right track. Lifewatchers participants have seen benefits to almost every part of the body: from mood and skin to cholesterol, inflammation, and eyesight. Lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and your risk of diabetes and disease. Improve your energy, mood, vitality, and wellbeing! Lifewatchers teaches you how to give your body the food it needs, and makes it easy and enjoyable, too! Join the Lifewatchers community today and embark on your health journey!

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