STRESS & YOUR ADRENALS - 4 WEEK COURSE - Week 3 - Burlington - Nov-3-2 - Goodness Me!

STRESS & YOUR ADRENALS - 4 WEEK COURSE - Week 3 - Burlington - Nov-3-2016 6:30PM [1461]

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Stress is much more than feeling anxious, or finding yourself in a time of crisis. Join us as we explore not only the types of stresses that wear down your resilience, creating a foundation for stress, but also a fully comprehensive, and personalized solution to support your body. We will look at the causative factors - and they aren't necessarily what you think! You will come to understand the ways that your body tells you that you are stressed, so that you will be able to read and understand your body's many puzzling symptoms, and come up with a personalized, and fully comprehensive solution. You will learn how to improve your stress resistance, so that you can feel less stressed - even in the presence of increased stress. Most of us are not aware, but the adrenal glands are responsible for a multitude of functions in the body. We will look at the multiple roles that they play, from immunity to mood, sleep to thyroid function. Most importantly we will look at the ways you can repair and restore your adrenal function, solving a myriad of seemingly unrelated complaints. This 4-week course includes a weekly snack, which will start you off on the path to healing!

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