Lifewatchers @ Brantford - Brantford - Apr-28-2016 1:00PM [410] - Goodness Me!

Lifewatchers @ Brantford - Brantford - Apr-28-2016 1:00PM [410]

Goodness Me! Education

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A 10 week program designed to improve your health and wellbeing. Lose weight...safely, gradually, permanently; by correcting your lifestyle by healing your metabolism - the term used collectively for all of the physical and chemical reactions that occur in the body - the key not only to weight management, but also to wellbeing. By focusing on great foods. Heal and restore your body! Lifewatchers' participants have found benefit to almost every part of the body, from mood and skin to cholesterol, inflammation and eyesight. Lower your risk of disease. Cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, energy, mood and more all respond to the Lifewatchers program. Enjoy more energy, vitality and wellbeing. Lifewatchers teaches you how to give your body the food it needs and makes it easy and enjoyable, too! NOW INCLUDES A COPY OF DISCOVER THE POWER OF FOOD.

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