BEYOND LIFEWATCHERS - Burlington - May-3-2016 6:30PM [145] - Goodness Me!

BEYOND LIFEWATCHERS - Burlington - May-3-2016 6:30PM [145]

Goodness Me! Education

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Taken our 10 week Lifewatchers class and find yourself needing a refresher? Or, simply wanting more information on how to improve your diet and lifestyle? Welcome to Beyond Lifewatchers.

For anyone who has previously attended Lifewatchers, this course features new topics, free giveaways, snacks, recipes, and so much more. Plus, enjoy the same group support, fellowship, and motivation you found in Lifewatchers from your classmates and instructor. Whether you need a gentle nudge back in the right direction, or even if you're doing well with your Lifewatchers knowledge and just want to learn more to stay on track, Beyond Lifewatchers is for you.

Beyond Lifewatchers runs weekly for seven weeks, an hour and a half each week, and is led by Lifewatchers Instructor Deborah Lancaster. Along with giveaways and delicious snacks and meals, you will also receive a course binder with handouts to keep all your notes and new information organized.

This is the perfect way to solidify your place on the path to true health. Real food, real information, real results. Sign up today.

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