FERMENTING FOODS IN YOUR KITCHEN- A GOOD THING! - Burlington - Feb-27- - Goodness Me!

FERMENTING FOODS IN YOUR KITCHEN- A GOOD THING! - Burlington - Feb-27-2016 10:00AM [75]

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You know the amazing benefits of fermented foods – you’ve learned to love the flavours of sauerkraut and the fizzy bubbles of Kombucha – but did you know they are easily made in your own kitchen?
Don’t know the benefits of these traditionally fermented foods? These tasty treats are full of vitamins, minerals and natural probiotics. In turn these probiotics help bring balance the bacteria in your gut which can improve digestion, absorption of nutrients and improve your overall health. Making these yourself is an easy way to save lots of money and ensure you are getting the benefits of healthy fermented food. You will learn to make both traditionally fermented sauerkraut and Kombucha. In addition you will learn how to make dairy-free Yoghurt (with coconut). Once you understand how all these are made you can add many different natural flavours to suit your family’s tastes.
You and your family deserve to live without chemicals and stabilizers. All these will be made with nothing but love and real food - No chemicals, or preservatives or artificial flavours. Join Kathleen Groves R.H.N and learn how to add these nutritious foods to your family’s diet, making them yourself so you can customize them to suit your needs and create endless possibilities.

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