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Eco-Pioneer - Pure Baking Soda - 2KG


Eco-Pioneer washing products are 100% pure and non-hazardous to the environment.

Eco-Pioneer products are designed to be simple, effective and environmentally sustainable. Besides being all natural and readily biodegradable, their washing powders leave a small ecological footprint. They are sourced from local suppliers and are minimally packaged in 100% recycled paper fibre boxes and printed with non-toxic, vegetable inks. 

Eco-Pioneer is pure carbonate produced by the traditional Solvay brine process. This process combines salt (sodium chloride) and limestone (calcium carbonate) and uses ammonia as a pH buffer and carbon dioxide as a precipitating agent. The carbon dioxide and ammonia inputs are recovered and recycled back into the initial brine solution. Eco-Pioneer's Solvay plant reclaims almost all of its ammonia and the only major by-product is calcium chloride.
  • Pure Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate).

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