Clef Des Champs - Calmix, 50ML - Goodness Me!

Clef Des Champs - Calmix, 50ML

Clef Des Champs

Tincture compounds meet specific needs and are easy to use. Combining several tinctures often maximises their individual efficiency and makes life much easier. Clef des Champs have been preparing tincture mixes for over 10 years now and their efficiency has been proven time and time again.

Calmix is traditionally used in Western herbalism as a nervine tonic, mild sedative and for relief the nervousness.
  • Oat fresh org. aerial parts Avena sativa, Catnip fresh org. leaves Nepeta cataria, Scullcap fresh org. aerial parts Scutellaria lateriflora, Valerian fresh org. roots Valeriana officinalis.

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