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CIPM - Organic Buckwheat Flour, 2kg


Despite its name, buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) is not a cereal grain, but rather a fruit or nut. Buckwheat is a broad leaf plant that grows well under a wide range of soil conditions. Although it adapts best to well-drained sandy loam soil, it is often grown on heavier soils when seeding of the major cereals and oilseeds has been prevented by wet conditions. The root system of buckwheat is less extensive than that of a true cereal grain plant. Buckwheat requires less nitrogen than cereal crops and is very efficient in removing phosphorus from the soil for its own needs.

Our organic stone-ground buckwheat flour comes from CIPM Farms which is a certified organic cash crop operation, growing about 350 acres of cereals and other grains each year. The farm is located in the Spry Settlement, north of Stirling, Ontario and consists of 56 rolling fields surrounded by forest. The sandy soils are quick to warm up in the spring and are ideally suited to cereal production. Organic farming procedure requires rotation of crops and the CIPM rotation includes spelt, spring wheat, buckwheat, soybeans, rye, flax, hemp and oats. All cereals are underseeded with red clover to fix nitrogen for the following crop.

  • Buckwheat flour.

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