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Wilderness Family Naturals - Centrifuged Organic Coconut Oil, 946ml

Wilderness Family Naturals

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Centrifuged Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconuts that are shelled, chopped and then gently expeller pressed. The temperatures of the coconut flesh and the resulting coconut milk emulsion are carefully monitored to insure they do not exceed 40°C or 104°F. The resulting coconut milk emulsion is then chilled slightly to 10° C (50° F) so that the oil will "pull out of solution" and separate. Next, the cooled milk, by use of a large centrifuge, is separated into a pure oil and a "skim" coconut milk. It requires quite a few passes through this chilled centrifuge to obtain pure oil, but the result is absolutely fabulous. Virgin coconut oil is creamy and smooth when it is in a semi-solid state, completely clear when it is in a liquid state. It has a very mild, light coconut taste

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