N8ked - Calorie Plus Shake - Chocolate -1100g - Goodness Me!

N8ked - Calorie Plus Shake - Chocolate -1100g


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N8ked Calorie Plus Shake™ is ideal for individuals struggling to meet protein and caloric requirements through foods. This product has been formulated to provide high density, premium quality ingredients without fillers, Stevia or other high impact sweeteners.

N8ked Calorie Plus Shake™ is specifically designed to assist a variety of families in need of additional protein and caloric requirements. This includes but is not limited to: parents looking to support themselves and their children, seniors struggling to meet their dietary needs through food, individuals on a liquid diet, and to assist high performance athletes in meeting their strict caloric requirements.

GMO-free, peanut and nut free, with no lactose or gluten, N8ked Calorie Plus Shake™ is the perfect meal supplement for everyone.

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